New Christmas Song – Det är Jul

Hansan - Det är Jul - Cover

Earlier in May we released our debut album “Nattflykt”. The album has been critically acclaimed in both Swedish and European media.

Now we’re releasing a Christmas song.

“Det är Jul” is a stand-alone single, a Christmas song that really reflects the anything but perfect 2020. A dark and lonely Christmas, a Christmas where you crawl out of your skin due to quarantine and social distancing.

“Det är Jul” is nothing like the merry and romantic Christmas songs we normally hear, but with Hansan’s special sound with lush layers of cello and vocals that catches your attention every time you hear them, this is still a given newcomer to all of this year’s Christmas playlists. Or as the lyrics in the song say… “It’s Christmas, can’t we just live in peace?”

Stream or download it here:

Rave reviews for Hansan’s debut album

“Nattflykt” was released in May 2020 and continue to collect rave reviews from all over the world. Here is a small summary of some of our favorites.

4/5 “Rich empathic vocals and warm engaging cello… The album offers the perfect soundtrack to a long gaze through the window or Sunday morning coffee.”

Songlines Magazine UK

“Hansan mixes Sofia’s haunting voice with the luxuriant arrangements of a complex and enigmatic cello, at times reminiscent of Marin Marais’ refined playing on viola da gamba.”

Des Mondes de musiques, France

“Mycket charm och känsla i dessa sånger, där det finns plats både för stort allvar och lekfullhet. Jag gillar den skarpt”

Lira Music Magazine, Sweden

“Nattflykt” inleds starkt med låten “Du Du Du” där de visar på sin enorma musikalitet och hur de använder sig av experimentella, nyskapande ljudbilder, harmonier och melodier. Sedan fortsätter skivan lika häpnadsväckande från start till slut och lyssnaren dras in i berättelserna och den sköra känslan. Man kan inte undgå att vilja fortsätta lyssna.”

Tinsel Magazine, Sweden

“This is a gorgeous record, so don’t let the language gap keep you from enjoying this. No better time than now to expand your horizons.
Recommendation: Mandatory listening, as far as I’m concerned.”

If it’s too loud, USA

New Video – Fjärilsvärld

Hansan - Fjärilsvärld Video

We are excited to show of our new video for the song “Fjärilsvärld” tonight at 20:00 European time.

Thank you to Tanzzentrale Leipzig and all the wonderful dancers.

Dancers: Luzi Madrid Villanueva, Cecilia Nesler, Fine Saelzter, Franzi Becker, Hanna Jacobi, Isabella Grundei, Lara Wunch. Dancers filmed by: Lisa Hofman, Emma Kleiner, Konstantin Tsakalidis, Lara Wunch.

Choreography and dance direction Lisa Hofmann.

New Video – Brudvisa

Hansan - Brudvisa - Video

Hansan is proud to present yet another music video for you guys! This was recorded on an island on the Swedish west coast. It’s a song for all brides to be, a song about love and commitment. Lyrics and translated lyrics are in the video description. We hope you like it, feel free to share!

Hansan – Brudvisa

Nattflykt – Debut Album Released

Hansan - Nattflykt - Album Cover

The day is here! We just released our debut album “Nattflykt” on all major platforms.

“Nattflykt” is self-composed, and will make you think of everything from Jazz to old traditional folk songs. The inspiration comes from the raging seas and the Swedish magical forests.

To make the whole album varied and exciting with just vocals and cello as the only components, we have experimented with mould-breaking arrangements and chord changes that pick elements from both classical chamber music to jazzy grooves. A fifth string on the cello increases the depth of the soundscape and gives it an extra character of bass, and the different layers convey the feeling of an entire orchestra.

Modern yet traditional, light yet heavy – Hansan makes their own niche in Nordic Folk Music.

The album is also available on CD and can be ordered directly form us here:

Sjung min lilla näktergal

Hansan - Sjung min lilla näktergal

We’re releasing a new single.

“Sjung min lilla näktergal” is a song about the difficult journey from a war ravaged country to peace – both mentally and physically.

With today’s debates about closed or open borders, about walls and cages, it’s even more important to tell this story. A story about the people that came to a new country and helped to build it. A story about freedom. A story about a new chance. Sing – until the song is heard.

Release date: April 23rd.

Download or pre-save it to your favourite streaming platform here:

Hansan – Sjung min lilla näktergal

Sommarland – Video Release

Hansan - Sommaland - Video

“Sommarland” is the second single from the upcoming debut album. “Sommarland” lingers in the twilight between dream and reality, life and death.

Hansan – Sommarland

Video created by David Floer. Postproduction Jonas Westin. (Videoclip created with free stock clips from

Vågor ritar mönster på en strand
Dina läppar skälver mot min hand
Natten faller i vårt sommarland
När vi kastar loss

Jag viskar ditt namn
När vi lämnar hamn

Havet tar oss dit vi ska
Jag kan lämna allt jag har för dig
Havet vaggar oss till sömns
Du är verklig du är dröm för mig

Gryningsljuset målar allting grått
Suddar sakta allting vi förstått
Som om dagen är ett frö vi sått
När vi kastar loss

Jag viskar ditt namn
När vi lämnar hamn

Havet tar oss dit vi ska
Jag kan lämna allt jag har för dig
Havet vaggar oss till sömns
Du är verklig du är dröm för mig

Havet tar oss dit vi ska
Jag kan lämna allt jag har för dig
Havet vaggar oss till sömns
Du är verklig du är dröm för mig

Natten faller i vårt sommarland
Gjort av vatten, gjort av sten och sand
När vi kastar loss

Jag viskar ditt namn
En sista gång

Video Premiere of Du Du Du

Swedish music magazine Lira is premiering the new debut single “Du Du Du” today. The release is officially on January 19, but you can now grab a sneak peek HERE!

Hansan is a Swedish / German folk duo with roots in Folk and Jazz. Hansan blends lush haunting vocals with layers of intricate cello arrangements.